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created by students of the school and ORT stuff

1. About our school (2008)

General Jewish School №94 was opened in Odessa in 1995. It has been reorganized and now it is the ORT Specialized secondary school of the I-III level “Educational resources and technological training” #94 with profound study of Hebrew and Informatics.

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2. International videoconferences project "Math club" (2008-2010)

Since 2008 World ORT realizes the international project directed, first of all to increase students’ interest to Math studies. Club sessions pass in the form of videoconference in which at least 3 countries are taking part. Each session has separate topic. One is devoted to developing strategy with ordinary matches, during the other chessboards could be involved in solving some mathematical problems, etc. "Math Club” leader is World ORT Research and Development Coordinator Dr Yakov Ronkin.

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3.  International multimedia projects competition devoted to 130th anniversary of ORT (2010)

Authors: Shagan Artem and Zateinaya Alexandra.

3rd place in International multimedia projects competition devoted to 130th anniversary of ORT

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4. International Chess Tournament for students of ORT schools (2010).

10 teams from ORT schools in Russia, Moldova, Ukraine and Bulgaria took part in on-line Chess Competition on the base of the site - www.chessplanet.ru.

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5. Teacher Training Seminar in Robotics (2009).

«Robotics in ORT schools». February 23-27, 2009. Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

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6. Teacher training seminar (2009)

“International Hebrew  and Jewish  History and Traditions Teachers’ Seminar, Kishinev,  June 28th – July 3d , 2009

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