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Odessa ORT school №94

General Jewish School №94 was opened in Odessa in 1995. It has been reorganized and now it is the ORT Specialized secondary school of the I-III level “Educational resources and technological training” #94 with profound study of Hebrew and Informatics.

There are about 400 students in the school each year. School works 5 days a week from 8.30 AM to 4 PM.

The School №94 is state school and implements curriculum of Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science. Also there is Jewish curriculum (Hebrew, history and traditions of the Jewish People, Israel geography) according to agreement of cooperation between Ministry of Ukraine and Israel Government of 9th April 2004.

Informal Jewish Education and extra-school activities includes:

  • Shabbat
  • Jewish Holidays
  • Jewish Family Club (monthly)
  • School Theatre “Mifrasei a Shalom”
  • School ensemble “Nitsanim”
  • International Projects ("Masa Shorashim",  "March of Living" and ORT internet projects)

There were established modern computerized classes, unique educational complex based on LEGO, developed IT course for the 1-11 forms, profile education provided in the senior school. Since 2000 there was implemented Technology course based on physical and computer modelling.

The teachers and the students of the School are taking part in the international projects, seminars, contests and meetings provided by ORT in fUSSR and worldwide.


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